Pantyhose And Bras Are Spring Style Essentials

Published: 30th March 2011
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How to Wear Pantyhose for Spring

Pantyhose may seem like a counter intuitive article of clothing to wear in the spring, but rest assured, they can look just as stylish under skirts and shorts as they do in the winter. Just do some strategic accessorizing with the other clothes in your closet.

The nylon in pantyhose will cause them to mold to your body shape. Don't be fooled by their sheer quality and thinness because pantyhose are actually very good in retaining heat and keeping your legs warm. This is why many women choose to wear them in the winter under dresses, skirts and shorts, as well as with boots and heels; pantyhose are able to provide them with flexibility under bulky winter clothes while remaining warm.

Many women think they have to lock up and stow away their pantyhose when spring arrives, but this is not the case. Pantyhose look good as well as warming your legs! While many women have multiple pairs of nude-colored pantyhose, they actually come in several colors that can be coordinated with various outfits as a stylish accessory. There are also patterned styles that can be worn under simple skirts and shorts to accentuate oneís legs upon the blooming of flowers and nature.

Pantyhose are still mandatory in some corporate office settings, so if youíre a modern working woman, you never want to be without them. Over the years pantyhose have evolved to include new innovations and different fabrics that encourage better breath-ability than the original nylon. Why not keep the classic element that has been so essential to many women's wardrobes over the years? Don't let blooming flowers and flip-flips get in the way of showing your legs off in pantyhose!

Bra Styles for Warm Weather

When the warm weather arrives, itís time to bring out the T-shirts, tank-tops and halter tops for the beach. Having your bra match your outfit of come with different strap functions can make what seem like just undergarments a valuable, stylish asset.

There are several ways you can stylize your bra for the spring. First, get a strapless bra that provides all the coverage and life you need without needing the straps. Avoid pushing and pulling up straps all day long by wearing this item under your cutest tank tops and spaghetti straps. Strapless bras will limit the seams under your dress or gown so that there isn't any distraction from the lines of your body.

Bras are an integral part of your daily outfit that can be coordinated to give you the liberating feeling of matching head to toe, inside and out.

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